Cryptocurrency is here to stay

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Cryptocurrency is here to stay

From fine art to healthcare to refugee camps, a distributed ledger technology known as blockchain holds promise to fix a multitude of problems and pain points around the world. Cryptocurrency is one application of blockchain technology capable of reducing fraud and identity theft, all while increasing efficiency and reducing costs in comparison to traditional currencies.

While U.S. third-party institutions have been slow to embrace cryptocurrency, there’s no shortage of innovative companies that are leveraging this technology. Glance Technologies in particular, is worth noting for its innovative approach. The Glance Pay app enables consumers to pay for every day services, split bills among participants and tip accordingly—all without compromising personal security. The app can be used in restaurants, hair salons, convenience stores and more. Glance has also recently purchased a blockchain solution and is working on a rewards-based cryptocurrency.

As we discussed at Glance Technologies’ recent sold-out Blockchain Future event and at this week’s Blockchain Impact Summit in Vancouver, there are many complexities concerning the subject matter of blockchain and it’s important to work together, be informed and educated to stay on top of this rapidly evolving new technology. With its new product opportunities and disruptive potential, cryptocurrency is an example of a revolutionary application of blockchain that is here to stay.

Many pundits believe that cryptocurrency’s rise is unstoppable and appears to be on its way to revolutionizing the way the world engages in trade.  Paying via cryptocurrency may be as commonplace as cash payment was in the last century. Glance Pay is already accepted in hundreds of locations across Canada and the U.S., allowing smartphone users to choose where to shop, order goods and services, make payments, access digital receipts, redeem digital deals, earn great rewards and interact with merchants.

The popularity of paying via bitcoin or cryptocurrency is currently in its earliest stages, but the cryptocurrency market continues to grow at a geometric rate. As governments around the world begin to regulate and tax bitcoin, its acceptance as a form of currency will only continue to grow. Already and accept bitcoin as a form of payment helping to solidify cryptocurrency as a reliable and secure method of payment.

Remember, we can’t sit back and wait for the future to be created for us.  We have to build the future ourselves and make our own visions come true.

About the Author:

Angela Griffin is the Chief Technology Officer at Glance Technologies and has led software development for the company since its inception and brings extensive business and software development experience to the company. For the three years prior to her appointment as Glance’s CTO, Angela served as President of Zoink Technologies Inc. She also served eight years at View Assessments Inc. where she started as a developer and grew to become Chief Technology Officer. Angela holds a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the University of British Columbia.