Glance Pay May Help Cities Increase Revenue

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Glance Pay May Help Cities Increase Revenue

Mobile Payments for Parking Tickets

By Desmond Griffin

The convenience of paying with your smart phone – whether it’s your monthly bills through your bank’s app, or a meal at your favorite restaurant with Glance Pay — will now apply to one of the most annoying things: parking tickets. I started PayByPhone, which I sold in 2011, to help people pay for metered parking. It’s used in more than 100 cities around the world as a faster and more convenient way to “feed the meter”. Now Glance Pay is helping people who haven’t done just that.

The threat of getting your car towed, a boot placed on it or extra fines added to your ticket haven’t been a big enough incentive for people to kick it old school and pay the fine with a check and stamped envelope. Partly because of the lack of convenience, unpaid parking tickets have turned into an expensive problem in Canada and the United States – with Vancouver alone trying to collect more than $6 million in unpaid fines. The tickets often end up in the glove compartment and forgotten until a late notice that includes additional fines arrives in the mail.

For consumers, for cities

Glance Pay’s new feature allows users to pay for parking tickets as soon as they pull them off the windshield by snapping a picture of the ticket via the app and confirming the amount, saving time and money. We launched a trial version of the ticket payment capability in Vancouver, B.C. to help solve this problem for consumers – and recoup lost revenue for the city.

The hassle of paying for parking and traffic tickets is something that we have wanted to solve for some time and this is a natural fit for our Glance Pay application.  We believe there are many more payment scenarios like this which can benefit from our technology to improve convenience for consumers and operators alike. In fact, Glance is exploring the potential to apply this capability to other violation types and bill payments.

Consumers have quickly adopted this new way of paying for things. According to Statista, the total global revenue from mobile payments will reach $930 billion in 2018. Now government agencies are catching on. London is allowing commuters to use mobile payment for trains with New York City investigating this option for subways.

So, imagine paying for your Starbucks and then the parking ticket you got while waiting in line for it, all with your mobile phone.

About the Author:

Desmond Griffin, Founder of Glance Technologies Inc. and is its Chief Executive Officer. Previously, Griffin co-founded PayByPhone (formerly, Verrus Mobile Technologies) and served as its Chief Executive Officer from inception through successful exit.