Future Growth

Blue Proxy Group Plans For Future Growth

Sound Growth Strategy for Glance Technologies

Management intends to pursue a number of technology, product and marketing initiatives to continue driving growth in 2018 in becoming a global leader in the delivery of online payment software as a service solutions.

Glance’s strategic priorities include:​

  • Growing monthly recurring revenue by continuously adding new merchants and consumers.​
  • Launching a new downloadable merchant app that enables merchants to quickly set up Glance Pay on their own devices, facilitating our migration towards a higher-volume sales model.​
  • Establishing Glance as a leader in the blockchain sector by developing innovative applications and hosting a “Future of Blockchain” conference on May 8, 2018 in Vancouver.​
  • Completing the development of the Glance Coin reward token, which is intended to simplify and facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrency into everyday life.​
  • Leveraging the Company’s superior anti-fraud technology to expand into online purchases, e-commerce and other markets.​
  • Expanding into new vertical markets through both direct sales and joint efforts with our licensing partners.​
  • Continuing Glance Pay’s international expansion through the launch of our apps in new markets..​
  • Broadening our geographic footprint across more North American cities, building on our existing presence across Canada and leveraging our recent launch in California.