Future Opportunities

Glance Technologies and Glance Pay Future Opportunities

International Expansion

CEO, Desmond Griffin, has experience building a growing global business as his first company, PaybyPhone, expanded to process tens of millions of mobile payments annually for millions of consumers in over 100 cities around the world  and grew to be the largest worldwide mobile payment solution when he sold it in 2011.  Since the beginning, it has been Desmond’s plan to expand Glance Technologies internationally once the solutions, technology and leadership team were ready for the rigor involved with international expansion.  Based on recent enhancements to the platform’s architecture, relationships established by key team members like Paola Ashton and Zeeshan Mallick, and thanks to CTO Angela Griffin and her team, Glance’s international expansion has begun with entry into the U.S. and the launch of  a 15-store group there, as well as  the opening of new offices in the U.K. and Australia.  ​

Licensing Opportunities

In addition to aiding the company’s plans regarding international expansion, the previous success of Desmond Griffin’s first company – PaybyPhone, has also helped with licensing opportunities.  Thanks to PaybyPhone’s model and success, Euro Asia Pay Holdings Inc. became one of Glance’s early licensing deals, finalized in October, 2017.  All of Glance’s licensing opportunities, including those for the BlockImpact and cryptocurrency platform, are based on the strength of Glance’s technology platform and the innovations that the company’s current leadership team, including Desmond Griffin, Angela Griffin, Paola Ashton and Zeeshan Mallick, continue to bring to the table. ​

Streamlined Merchant Technology

Part of any technology company’s strategy is continuing to optimize core product adoption.  Thanks to Glance Pay’s amazing product and engineering teams, led by CTO Angela Griffin, a major hurdle in merchant adoption has been overcome with the company’s new merchant app release coming in fiscal year 2018.  Now, merchants won’t need to leverage a separate app to accept payments and can instead incorporate the Glance Pay suite of solutions into any current merchant apps they may be using, thus expediting the process for onboarding and adoption. ​

Increased Fiscal Responsibility

The newly realigned Glance leadership team will use portions of the company’s cash reserves to invest in high-impact areas like R&D and international expansion. This will drive greater value for shareholders and consumers, creating more opportunities for continued growth.